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A Word from Founders

Step of Grace is a manifestation of our journey to become more responsible citizens of the world. It is our small contribution to a more sustainable living. One of our goals is to become people who are more mindful regarding the purchases we make; by simply asking the right questions and staying educated. We want to be people who place action over words and progress over promises. Hence, Step of Grace is born as a way of keeping ourselves accountable.

Step of Grace also serves as a lesson in humility: in admitting that we are always learning. While we can’t promise that we are perfect, we are committed to being better tomorrow than we are today. This journey will not be easy or convenient, but it is something that must be done. We are learning by doing and we are committed to being transparent – no over-embellishment or exaggeration. We will pay closer attention to the details, to always strive for beauty that can be felt and not just seen. These are in the core of every little decision we make, every item we represent and sell. We hope that Step of Grace will inspire you to purchase more responsibly. Let’s take this conscious step together.