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For the Well Traveled Soul

Well-traveled (adj) having been to many different places

Soul (n) the spiritual part of humans as distinct from the physical part

Well-traveled soul (you) the free spirit, the compassionate, the open-minded, the thinker, adventurer and reader

Step of Grace is a lifestyle brand that is specially curated for you – someone who knows better and wants to do better for themselves and for the earth. Someone who finds the current state of the environment unsettling. It is for you who wants to purchase more responsibly, but don’t always have the access to do so yet. It is for you who have started making those small changes towards living more consciously. This is for you.

All of you movers, shakers, feminists, activists, artists, minimalists, wanderers, dreamers. You who are independent, who crave endless adventures and who appreciate the beauty of nature. You who are constantly working towards becoming the best version of yourselves. You who realize that sometimes your best is not enough, but as long as you are improving you are still on the right track. This is for you.

Come with us in this journey, together on every hurdle and learning curve we will try always to come out better on the other side – better for ourselves and better for the earth. Nobody can change the world alone, but we can all contribute in a way we know how. One small step at a time, always.

We are the choices that we make and the things that we keep – make sure they are worth keeping.